February 22 eclipse astrology

But over 7 degrees which is a bit too far away to make a major influence. Yet Saturn makes two other much stronger aspects worth considering. Venus opposite deg Saturn is not a good aspect for love relationships, but Saturn sextile 60 deg Neptune brings hope that something good will come from the strife and discord. This lunar eclipse will affect the two zodiac signs, Leo and Aquarius in a positive way. Pisces and Aries will have the toughest time.

Visibility of the lunar eclipse.

Astrology Forecast - Pisces Solar Eclipse February 26th 2017 - Molded to be Instruments of Change

Lunar Eclipse - Times and Dates. Particularly the lunar eclipse of 16th July happens in the house of Capricorn. This involves physical actions. Great caution is advised in terms of career as a broader perspective would not be visible for now. It is better to get down and take action rather than relying on logical reasoning and analytical thinking.

This eclipse in an earthy sign refers to the harmful effects of illusion of control and excessive self-sufficiency in our lives. Also natives are advised to make conscious decisions and not hasty ones.

Weekly Horoscope: July 1 - 7 - VICE

Effect of the Lunar eclipse of July on the zodiac signs:. Before taking on new challenges in life brought about by this lunar eclipse, it is essential that you reflect on what you really want to achieve. Pay attention to relationship with father and paternal relationships. You might become emotionally sensitive and this would be an indecisive period for you. Stay away from unhappiness if progress is needed, do not sulk. Do relax when you get the time. Take up some recreational pursuits occasionally to let go off your negative energy. Certain procedures or academic courses that you have been pursuing end now with the onset of the lunar eclipse.

This would be a good time to renew your contracts. Your work gets recognised.

Some sort of spiritual awakening on the cards. This would be a favorable period for you. Maternal relationships get strong, however domestic life stands to get affected. During this eclipse time, focus on enhancing relationships at home. Reconnect with family and friends. This eclipse might bring about some family rifts, do cultivate trust with family members. Not a positive period for you. Expect stress around.

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Weekly Horoscope Forecast July 22-28, 12222, By Astrology Zodiac Sign

You might be indecisive regarding your personal life. Ensure you take up activities like meditation to bring about peace and harmony around. Also a good time to take up a sport or hobby of your choice. A legal matter or a troublesome marriage ends for Cancer folks during this eclipse. Do not heed to the advise of a third person in personal matters. Possessiveness and jealous nature would come to the fore.

Be careful about your finances and do not speculate. Focus on investments and personal wealth this year. Handle relationships with caution as trouble lurks around. Those born under the Leo zodiac will be the first and possibly the most influenced by the lunar eclipse. The lunar eclipse of July may enhance your creativity. However Leo natives are advised against taking any sort of risks in their lives during the period.

Some of you folks might need a career change. Do not make any major life-altering decisions for now. Find ways to harness your creativity. Focus on your personal goals and aims this period. Get away from routine and focus on new avenues for growth this eclipse period. Clear the blocks and hindrances in front of you.

Certain changes that you make now would bring about major alterations in life. This eclipse would bring out the creativity in you. Patience and firmness are needed in relationships. Solar Eclipse July is a total solar eclipse so none of the Sun will be visible.

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The new moon represents the end of one cycle and the beginning of a new cycle. A new moon influence lasts for four weeks but a solar eclipse lasts about six months. The strongest and most important aspect of astrology is Sun conjunct Moon. It means all possibilities are on the table and you can rightly put yourself at the forefront of new plans for the future. It is time to question your old habits and behaviors as you search for new and inventive ways to make progress.

This is the ideal time to make a fresh start, so write your new goals on paper. Together, they make up an eclipse phase which lasts until the solar eclipse on December 26, The solar eclipse sextile Uranus is a positive influence but only mild in effect because of the wide orb of influence of over four degrees. There are other planetary aspects in the chart below that will have some influence on the solar eclipse. There is also a fixed star conjunction to consider but it is also a weak conjunction for a fixed star at over one degree.

Altogether these influences combine to make this a fortunate solar eclipse. This brilliant white star is located on the left foot of the Southern Twin Pollux in Gemini Constellation. So although the solar eclipse is in the Sign of Cancer, the astrological influence comes from the stars in the Constellation of Gemini. Due to the process of Precession of the Equinoxes , the Sun Signs are almost a whole Sign out of alignment with the Constellations from which they were named. Fixed star Alhena bestows eminence in art but gives liability to accidents affecting the feet according to Robson.

So it gives the ability to negotiate a peaceful solution to disputes and brings distinction for your efforts. There may be martial honors but the danger of losing them. Solar Eclipse sextile Uranus brings pleasant surprises and stimulating encounters. This is a good solar eclipse to try something new and exciting and you should have enough freedom to do so. Increased self-awareness can come through flashes of insight or through feedback from personal interactions. Creativity is stimulated and you should feel comfortable expressing the more flamboyant, or kinky side of your personality.

Socializing, group activities and chance encounters should be more frequent and enlightening. You are more likely to meet unorthodox types or people from different cultural or ethnic backgrounds than your own. It may be difficult to stick to routine because of a tendency to be easily distracted.

However, it is this tendency to skip from one thing to another that leads to the extra insight and discoveries. Saturn sextile Neptune is the strongest aspect in the solar eclipse chart beside the Sun conjunct Moon. It is also the major planetary aspect of and brings material gain from spiritual pursuits.

This aspect helps you make your dreams come true with hard work and a sensible, realistic approach. You will understand your own limitations but will be optimistic at the same time. You will be patience and self-disciplined without denying yourself or making sacrifices. The July solar eclipse is refreshingly positive. It joins a star in Gemini Constellation called Alhena that brings good health, honor, and riches. This is an excellent eclipse for enjoying good times with friends and especially your family.

The supermoon eclipse in Leo will make you rethink everything—there's no turning back now.

This star is good for artists and scientists. The spiritual nature of this star brings people together so it is a good omen for ending conflict through peace negotiations. A gentle but positive influence from Uranus adds to the creative and scientific influence of Alhena. Exciting breakthroughs and new developments will foster technological innovation and greater personal freedom.

The long-term influence of Saturn sextile Neptune increases the likelihood of permanent settlements to international and personal disputes. Solar eclipse July can make your dreams come true through patience, open-mindedness, and hard work. I remember the reverent silence that befell every one of us, as the Moon blocked out more and more of the Sun, as if our voices had been fed by the waning sunlight…the traffic in the busy streets had been frozen, as if by magic a true miracle in Rio, repeated only during World Cup games.

Thank you Jamie. I love your articles. I look at a few different astrology blogs regularly, and your explanations are always my favorite.